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Texting And Driving Is Illegal And Highly Dangerous

A personal injury lawyer is accustomed to seeing the aftermath of auto accidents and injuries. Many of those are caused by distracted driving, with one of the most frequent causes being texting while driving. It may seem important to be in constant contact with friends, family or even your office. While this feels like a priority, it is not more… Read More

Common Causes Which Lead To Infant Wrongful Death

What is an Infant wrongful death? Infant wrongful death is a legitimate term used for the loss of human life due to the negligence of others. The delivery of an infant is a divine process. Although, it’s a risky procedure which can lead to severe circumstances and the baby can pass away just before he breaths his first. Infant wrongful… Read More

Can I Get Fired After Filing For Work Comp Benefits?

In case your employment gets terminated after you file your claim, you should get help from a seasoned work injury attorney right now. The law doesn’t allow to terminate the employment of a worker who got injured in the line of duty in Phoenix, for example, and filed for workers’ compensation after that. In other words, an employer cannot dismiss… Read More

How To Get The Settlement You Want

How the Negotiation Process Works The Negotiation process in an accident settlement is pretty much a back and forth process between your los angeles personal injury attorney and the insurance company. Once your accident attorney submits your initial demand offer the insurance company will respond with an offer that is lower than what you demanded.This is the beginning of the back and forth… Read More

Attributes Of A Good Criminal Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with an offense or arrested, hiring a criminal lawyer is the next logical step. You will obviously want to hire someone who will help you get your charges dismissed or lessened, but how can you know who that is? Will you be able to recognize a quality attorney? Let’s go over some key qualities to look… Read More

The Digital Divide: When Marital Assets Reside Online

When assets reside online, division of property during divorce can get difficult. Every day a new app is introduced that offers convenience and sometimes value to everyday life. Social media websites flourish as people and families connect online, and 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. If you and your spouse created the video that went viral,… Read More

Love and Marriage: Over 50? Not Necessarily

In love and over 50?  Think twice before getting married. In the continuing evolution of U.S. marriage trends, older couples are discovering the benefits of emotional and physical commitment without marriage. A recent New York Times article discusses increasing numbers of older individuals who forsake the altar in order to maintain financial security. The divorce rate among older Americans continues… Read More

After Divorce: Documents to Update

When your divorce process is at an end, make sure you update the documents important to your future. Few people want to deal with more legal documents after their divorce is finally over. However, the end of the divorce process is a good time to make sure you get the right start on the next season of life by taking… Read More

Know Your Divorce Strategy

Having a strategy is a good idea when heading for divorce in Florida. Spouses going through divorce may not have a clear idea of what they want, other than to be divorced. Skilled legal counsel helps you define what you need and what you want — and the difference between the two. Your divorce concerns and marital estate differ depending… Read More

Termination of Parental Rights in Florida

Every parent has rights and responsibilities with their children. Under certain circumstances, those rights can be terminated by the court. The state of Florida looks to both parents to support their children to maturity. This means emotional, physical and financial support. Parental rights can only be terminated through a legal action. While some parents seek the recognition of parental rights… Read More