Attorney Robert L. Bogen

Client Testimonials

Robert L. Bogen has enjoyed excellent client-attorney relationships over the years. Many of his clients have taken the time to write endorsements in appreciation of his work on their behalf. Each of these reviews has been posted on the web by the respective client. A sampling of Robert L. Bogen’s client testimonials are shown below.

“Attorney Robert L. Bogen is detailed and meticulous, he listens and he truly cares! I would definitely recommend him. He makes me feel as if I am his only client. He answers his calls and is prompt in getting back with me.”

Amy T.

“Robert Bogen is a master at his game. I am a CPA and I work on litigation with all sorts of attorneys and I work with tax attorneys all the time. Robert is as good as they come. He was on top of every stage of the process. He was efficient, reasonable and the outcome was excellent. Highly recommend.”

Bruce K.

“Good attorney, compassionate, honest and reasonable. He stayed working with me until late on two occasions. He got the results I wanted. My experience with Robert Lawrence Bogen was exceptional. He showed great interest in my case, devoted long hours and with great patience accomplished what I wanted. I highly recommend him”

Luciano A.

“Robert handled my divorce recently. I have to say, in such a confusing and trying time, Robert was there. Not only for me, but my child as well. He knows what he is doing…without question! He takes the time to explain every option throughout the entire process. Another important fact is he always kept the best interest of the client and family in mind. Do not look anywhere else for an extremely experienced and knowledgeable attorney.”


“I have been using Bob Bogen as my appellate attorney in various capacities, as well as for some trial work, for 25 years. Bob is the master appellate attorney because he possesses 4 critical skill sets essential for superb appellate work: 1) His encyclopedic knowledge of the law, 2) His insightful understanding of how the law applies to the facts of a given case, 3) His judgment and experience to strategize which arguments to make and when – which ones are irrefutable and which ones detract 4) His extremely gifted ability to express his arguments in a rational, logical, organized, well-sequenced and easy-to-understand order and persuasive manner in a scholarly-written brief or oral argument. Mr. Bogen’s command of the English language and legalese is unsurpassed.”


“Thank you for your help in getting me through this very difficult time. As you know many of your clients are not at their best and thinking clearly during this time. Certainly I was one of them. Thank you for providing the advice that I needed. I think I was well served.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Bogen did a wonderful job for me and kept matters amicable at all times. I would recommend Robert to anyone looking for an attorney to represent them. Great lawyer to deal with and very easy to speak with.”


“Robert represented me for an entire year and more during a highly contested paternity case. He stuck by my side, took the time, was diligent and aggressive. He saw me at my worst and I never felt judged. Robert is a highly skilled professional and will tell you how it is. No hidden agendas with him. I’d use him again, but I believe I burnt him out!”

Rochelle S.

“I highly recommend attorney Robert Bogen for legal services. Robert creates a calming environment, which immediately reduces ones anxiety and stress level. Robert is very knowledgeable with family law and will explain every question or concern you have. He is never too busy to answer a phone call or email. You know without a doubt he is always working for your benefit. It was comforting to know that I was in good hands with a very smart, dedicated and confident lawyer. Thanks Robert for all your hard work.”

VW Touareg

“I have utilized the services of Mr. Bogen on several occasions for general legal advice and business matters. I have also referred people to him. Mr. Bogen is very professional and outstanding at his job and I highly recommend him if you are looking for an attorney.”

Quing K.

“I would have to say, I also am glad I changed lawyers and found Robert, he fixed the problems caused by my prior divorce attorney and also helped us and another family with a couple less traumatic legal issues we are all happy to have used Mr. Bogen.”

John K.

“Mr. Bogen was referred by my friend to me to change my son’s name. We just finished the court hearing yesterday. I am extremely satisfied with Mr. Bogen’s professional work. He always replied my emails/phone calls quickly and he provided the detailed instruction for each step of the process. The whole case is so smooth and easy for me. I used the other attorney before. So far Mr. Bogen is the best one who worked on my cases with the highest professionalism and trust. I strongly recommend Mr. Bogen to my friends and family members in case we have any family related cases.”

Rebecca H.

“I cannot speak highly enough of Mr. Robert Bogen. Mr. Bogen has helped me tremendously at a time that was extremely stressful for me with regard to the child custody of my son. Never once did I have to wait for a response when I needed his help. He is very kind, understanding, hones and extremely smart and logical. He understood me always and guided me through my process to the end. Even through times when there were emergencies that came up he was there for me, including when he was on a family vacation out of the country he responded and instructed me what I needed to get done. I admire him greatly and have the utmost respect for him. I would recommend Mr. Bogen without a second thought to anyone who has a similar situation in life.”

Saad Ali

“Robert is very professional and answered my calls himself. I got a sense of him really being there for me and working hard for me. It was also easy to get a hold of him vs other offices. He actually listened and seemed to want to help me out unlike some other firms where I felt like I was just another case.”

Ryan M.

“Robert was amazing! He really wants the best for me and took the time to understand my situation. I also enjoyed not feeling like I was just another client as he really worked for me.”

Gladys Q.

“I have used Mr. Bogen on several occasions over the years on a very complicated divorce case for both trial and appellate work. I have had many attorneys over the years and Mr. Bogen is the standout. He has an exceptional ability to distill the critical facts from any case, apply the law, and articulate the argument in the most persuasive and eloquent fashion possible. He is a master draftsman for trial or appellate briefs, and proposed orders. Very much a lawyer’s lawyer in this regard.”

A Satisfied Client

“I had a divorce case and I am very glad he handled it. Mr. Bogen is deeply knowledgeable of the law and very tough in court. He is fair, hones, concise and goes to the point. He does not make you waste your time nor money. Very friendly and understanding. He will go beyond his work to help you out. I recommend him 100%.”

Luis G.

“We have known Robert Bogen as our family’s attorney and friend for 30 years. Whenever the need has arisen concerning legal matters we have always called on him. He is an excellent listener and advisor and really cares about people. He has always served us well. Robert Bogen is a serious thinker who can get to the root of any matter by thoughtful questioning and looking at all angles. You can always put your trust and confidence in Robert Bogen.”

Ilene K.

“I engaged Mr. Bogen to advise me for my divorce case and he did an excellent job. I contacted three lawyers for consultation and he showed genuine interest in my case, deep knowledge in this field, he has offered very practical legal advice. I highly recommend Robert Bogen and I am sure he will do an excellent job for you! Thank You so Much!!!”

Kelly G.

“I found Mr. Bogen from Avvo after he answered one of my questions pertaining to a paternity matter. Hiring a family lawyer isn’t an easy task, but I almost immediately trusted him. He is very giving of his time as well as, sensitive to my needs. It’s almost like having a therapist and an attorney in one. I find Mr. Bogen to be caring, diligent and committed to getting me what I need. I feel confident that he is handling my matter in the best way and have faith in his judgment, opinion and direction with my case. He always follows through on what he says he is going to do, which makes this process a whole lot easier. His communication style is direct and prompt. He does not make promises he cannot keep.

I would honestly recommend him to anyone.”


“Attorney Bogen worked like there was no tomorrow on my case and was very reasonable in cos for services. He won!”


“This is a first rate attorney. Hard working. Pays attention to details. Gets the job done. Fair, hones, a class act. I would definitely use him again.”


“I hired Mr. Bogen on the recommendation of a family member to help me settle things with my ex-boyfriend. It was a very stressful time for me and he was very caring. He spent all the time he needed with me gathering information and then he began working on my case right away. He was respectful and courteous and always phoned or e-mailed me, many times after normal work hours, to explain what he was doing and why. He was detail oriented and it was clear to me that he knew what he was doing. I felt very comfortable with him. In the end, he was able to work things out and I was very happy with the results. He also followed through after the agreement to make sure my ex-boyfriend did what he was supposed to do. I was very pleased with his services and I would call him again if I ever needed a lawyer. I would recommend him highly to anyone who needs legal help.”


“Mr. Bogen was recommended to me by a friend who I trust. He was excellent! I found him to be honest, ethical, and very knowledgeable. He put me at ease right away. I frequently received phone calls from him explaining what he was doing and why this was the best course to take. He got good results for me in court, and was then able to work out a settlement in the end. I would use Mr. Bogen again, and without question would have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone who needs a lawyer.”

A Satisfied Client

“Bob is a wonderful and caring lawyer. He is extremely knowledgeable in his field. Any future clients are sure to benefit from his expertise.”


“Very knowledgeable and detail oriented lawyer. Quick to understand complex issues.”

A Satisfied Client

“Excellent attorney! Trustworthy and knowledgeable. Handled my case better than any attorney I have ever dealt with.”


“I hired Mr. Bogen to represent me in a divorce and child custody case. He is very trustworthy, always kept me informed of what was happening with my case, and most of all, he was always on top of things. He is very fair, he listens well, and he really looks out for the best interest of his clients. I would recommend Mr. Bogen to anyone who is looking for an excellent attorney.”

A Child Custody Client

“Very reliable attorney. Really knows the law and how to get the best results for his customer. Very happy.”

A Satisfied Client

“Mr. Bogen is an excellent lawyer! He listens, he is understanding, he is fair, and he really knows what he is doing! I wouldn’t go to any other lawyer or trust anyone but him with my affairs. Great lawyer!!!”


“Mr. Bogen is an excellent attorney. He has helped me go through a very difficult time in my life by handling the “tough stuff” with success each time. I would recommend him to anyone looking for an honest, ethical, and hardworking lawyer. He is the best at what he does!”

A Satisfied Client

“Researched my cases extremely well and provided the necessary information to effectively handle the cases in a timely manner and provided consistent communication on the status of my cases. I was very pleased with the results and would gladly utilize his services in the future. Mr. Bogen spent a great deal of time explaining my options and making sure I understood each one. I would highly recommend him.”

A Satisfied Client

“Robert helped me through a hotly contested divorce involving complex and novel issues. He’s an excellent strategist with an eye for detail. He was also very conservative in billing. I can recommend him without hesitation.”


“Robert is a true professional. He’s provided me really good legal advice in the areas of medical malpractice and family law. He is the first I go to when I have a question about the current status of the law.”