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 Computing a presumptive level of child support in Florida is easy. The court applies a formula inputting the net incomes of the parents, the costs of health insurance and childcare expenses, and the overnights each child spends with each parent. The hard part is ensuring that the right numbers are used in that calculation. For affluent parents there are further complications regarding amounts for private school tuition and enrichment activities. At The Law Offices of Robert L. Bogen, we have more than 35 years of experience in child support disputes. We know how to use the discovery process to extract accurate financial data and how to make a compelling case based on the totality of your circumstances.

Making the preliminary child support determination in Florida

 There are often challenges in determining the parents’ true earnings, especially if a parent is self-employed, earns irregular income or has personal expenses paid by a business. Sometimes a parent might be voluntarily unemployed or underemployed. Additionally, the relationship between the amount of time-sharing and the amount of child support provides a perverse incentive for a parent to use the children as financial pawns to increase or decrease a child support award. After decades of divorce representation, attorney Robert L. Bogen knows all the tricks unscrupulous parents use to manipulate child support awards. We subpoena the documents necessary to uncover the true data the court needs for a realistic determination of support.

Computing the presumptive level of child support does not end the matter; a court may deviate from the presumptive level for any number of reasons, ranging from the age and special needs of a child to a parent’s other reasonable and necessary support obligations or the obligor parent’s debt load and the total assets available to the parents.

Beyond the basics: expenses for enrichment and special needs

 The question often arises as to whether it’s reasonable for even affluent parents to continue to pay for expensive amenities for their children despite the added cost of living in separate households. Discretionary expenses include:

  • Private school tuition
  • College tuition, room and board
  • Athletic travel teams
  • Music lessons
  • Summer camp

The court generally favors maintaining children in the lifestyle they would have enjoyed if not for the divorce. However, this desire must be weighed against the parents’ financial reality. Often, the court will order that established spending be maintained, while spending that had been anticipated in the future can be cancelled, depending on how severely it would impact the child.

The best interests of the child should always drive child support discussions, but it is also important to defend your rights. The Law Offices of Robert L. Bogen is committed to protecting you and your children by establishing fair terms for child support and alimony, and representing you when modification or enforcement of those orders is necessary.

Contact an experienced attorney for fair child support resolutions in Florida

 The Law Offices of Robert L. Bogen understands all the competing factors that go into making a child support determination. We work diligently to arrive at a settlement or obtain a court order that accurately reflects your financial circumstances. To learn more about Florida child support, call 561.394.6060 or contact our Boca Raton office online.

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