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 The Boca Raton area is a wonderful place to raise a family. Children can grow up in an environment that enriches them physically and culturally. While many consider themselves fortunate to be able to raise their families in Boca Raton, things don’t always work out in paradise. In fact, there were four divorces per 1,000 residents in Florida in 2014. If you’ve come to the decision that you must dissolve your marriage, you’ve probably been through a great deal of emotional turmoil, with no immediate end in sight. At The Law Offices of Robert L. Bogen, we understand your disappointment, frustration, anger and sense of loss. We are determined to help you get through the divorce process and place yourself in the best possible position for the next phase of your life.

Getting you through the Florida divorce process

 At The Law Offices of Robert L. Bogen, we are knowledgeable about the law and court procedure, and we are determined to defend your rights. However, decisions about how to proceed are yours alone to make. Florida allows you several options for dissolving your marriage:

  • Legal separation. Although not a final divorce, a legal separation does offer many of the same protections with regard to spousal support, child support, child custody and property distribution. It is a viable option for couples who have a religious objection to divorce or who need to stay married for purposes of health insurance or government benefits.
  • Uncontested divorce. Couples who agree to the divorce can negotiate a marital settlement agreement to present to the court for approval. Uncontested divorce saves time and expense and ensures that the parties involved rather than the court will decide on the terms of ancillary issues.
  • Contested divorce. Couples who cannot agree on the terms of their divorce must try these points of contention before the court. Contested divorce can become acrimonious, especially for partners in a high-net-worth marital estate, parents who disagree about how to raise their children, or parties to a contested prenuptial or postnuptial agreement.

When you retain family law attorney Robert L. Bogen for your divorce, you receive compassionate counsel, strategic litigation and, if necessary, aggressive trial representation. You can also count on our characteristic persistence in pursuit of your best possible outcome. We know that divorce often brings out the worst in people, so we are committed to proceeding in a manner that diffuses the emotional issues rather than exacerbating them. We are present to defend you legally to the best of our abilities and to protect you and your family.

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Divorce introduces a great deal of uncertainty for you and your children. At The Law Offices of Robert L. Bogen, we deliver peace of mind by focusing on your goals and pursuing them with the utmost determination. To speak with a concerned and capable Florida divorce attorney, call our Boca Raton office at (561) 299-5654 or contact us online.

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