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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Divorce Cases

What Are Some Common Misconceptions People Have About Divorce As Well As Working With An Attorney Through A Divorce?

Many people do not realize how emotionally taxing and gut wrenching the process can be. People are invested in their marriages. After all, it was supposed to be for life, and when the marriage fails, they sometimes feel like they failed in life. This gives rise to self-doubt, and self-esteem suffers. Sometimes depression sets in. These are good people during their worst times. This is no time to try to navigate through a litigation process without professional guidance. The procedural rules of court, as well as the substance of the law, can be very complex and tricky.

No breaks are given for litigants who appear without attorneys. Most people do not realize what their rights are, what they are entitled to, or how to obtain their entitlements. They do not realize that the financially needy spouse can obtain a court award of attorney’s fees from the more financially secure spouse. Yet despite all of that, it is amazing how many people truly believe that they can do it all on their own. Then, a year or two down the road, when their minds are clear and settled and they see what they did and what they gave up, they come to an attorney seeking to undo what took place before. Of course at that point, it is very difficult, but not impossible, to get the judgment overturned.

What Are The Most Common Reasons That People Are Divorcing?

It can be for any number of reasons: finances, affairs, alcohol or drug abuse; spouses grow apart, and there is a lack of respect or trust; attitudes change and the simply fall out of love. Every couple has their own reasons, and sometimes they do not express their reasons. In Florida, you do not need to have any particular ground other than the marriage is irretrievably broken. Of course if one spouse does not want to stay married to the other for any reason, the marriage is irretrievably broken. You do not even need to state the reason why it is broken. So it runs the full gamut.

Is There A Typical Type Of Divorce Client Seen More Often Than Others, Any Particular Age, Gender Or Demographics?

Not really. It will be men or women in varying financial positions. Some have been married for a year or two; some have been married for over forty or fifty years and are senior citizens in their seventies and eighties. Some have been married several times, and for some, it is their first marriage. These days, it is very easy to run to divorce court over a minor argument or disagreement that may occur during the marriage.

Do Men and Women Tend To View Divorce Differently or Handle It Differently?

Not really, not in this day and age. In the 1940s, 1950s, or 1960s, you would see a clear breadwinner and a clear homemaker. The breadwinner and the homemaker would see things differently. However, in modern times, both spouses are out there in the workforce. The two spouses in any individual marriage may view divorce differently, or their relationship differently, but it does not correlate with gender.

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