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Why Should Someone Hire An Attorney In A Divorce Case?

Why Should People Hire Separate Divorce Attorneys vs. Trying To Save Money by Hiring One Attorney If They Are Getting Along?

A divorce is a lawsuit like any other lawsuit, only it’s more personal. Regardless of how amicable or civil the spouses are to each other, they are out to protect their own interests when they are getting divorced. There is an inherent conflict of interest for one attorney to be advising both spouses on the rights and entitlements each may have against one another. For example, spouses have competing interests on issues of support, parental rights, and the distribution of property. The power structure between spouses may be unequal, which gives rise to one spouse taking advantage of the other. In fact the ethical rules in every state would prevent the same attorney from undertaking to represent both sides in a divorce action. If one attorney is hired, that attorney can only represent one spouse, while the other spouse goes unrepresented.

What Are The Main Reasons Someone Should Hire A Divorce Attorney vs. Trying To Handle It Themselves?

When a young couple are both working and starting out in life, have not been married long, have no children, have no substantial property to divide — that is the only scenario where it might be reasonable to consider doing it on their own. Unless they fit into that narrow mold, they are making a big mistake trying to do it on their own without any guidance of an attorney even if they are civil to one another. In fact, you can be sure that at least one of them, if not both, have consulted with an attorney without telling the other, and is preparing themselves to take advantage of the spouse who has lesser knowledge of what is going on and what their rights are. But in any event, if your spouse hires an attorney, you would be foolish to try to do it alone without an attorney to assist you. In most cases, it turns out to be a costly mistake that isn’t realized until it is too late.

Why Should Someone Hire An Attorney When Going Through A Divorce?

Everybody has questions that they seek answers to regarding their particular situation, whether they should even get a divorce, about the process, about the facts and circumstances, and so forth. They seek an attorney many times not just for litigation in court, but also as a financial advisor, a counselor, or for emotional support as they go through the process. Attorneys wear all of those hats to some extent. Sometimes, people are not sure if they want to get a divorce. They just want to know what their rights may be. Sometimes, they want an annulment or simply a separation. Sometimes, they are not sure if they can afford to live in two separate households, or how to work out custody and timesharing issues, or how to resolve the issue of what school the children attend if they live in different school districts, and things of that nature.

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