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Judicial Accolades

Family Attorney Receives Open Court Judicial Praise

Okay. But my final word for today, because I’ll probably see you folks again when I announce the decision is, and I mentioned this to you before, but I want to mention to you again, your lawyers have done a wonderful job for both of you. And both of them, I mean, I can tell you based upon their presentation in the case, based upon the memorandums that I don’t know if you’ve had a chance to see, but I’ve looked at. A lot of it is in lawyerese-type of thing, but I certainly understand what they, and their ability to grasp the issues and get me case law and do the things they’ve done, clearly make both of them an extreme credit to our profession. And you know, I don’t see that often. I like to see that more often, but I don’t. So you should be both thankful for them for doing a great job under the circumstances.

Honorable Martin H. Colin
Circuit Court Judge
December 16, 2008
(following five days of trial)
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