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Statement of Client’s Rights

Statement of Client’s Rights

  1. You are entitled to be treated with courtesy and consideration at all times by your attorney and his or her staff.
  2. You are entitled to an attorney capable of handling your legal matter competently, diligently, and ethically, in accordance with the highest standards of the profession.
  3. You are entitled to privacy in your dealings with your attorney and to have your secrets and confidences preserved to the extent permitted by law.
  4. You are entitled to receive from your attorney an informed understanding of your legal rights and obligations, and their practical implications.
  5. You are entitled to truthfulness and candor from your attorney regarding your legal matter, and his or her independent and unvarnished professional advice and judgment.
  6. You are entitled to have your legitimate and reasonable objectives respected by your attorney, including whether or not to settle your matter.
  7. You are entitled to the undivided loyalty of your attorney uncompromised by conflicts of interest, and to his or her zealous advocacy of your case consistent with the rules, the law, and the ends of justice.
  8. You are entitled to be kept informed as to the status of your matter, to receive copies of significant papers concerning your matter, and to sufficient information to allow you to participate meaningfully in the development of your matter.
  9. You are entitled to reasonable communication from your attorney, to have your questions and concerns addressed in a prompt manner, and to have your telephone calls returned promptly.
  10. You are entitled to honest dealings with your lawyer, and to have your attorney conduct himself or herself ethically in accordance with the Code of Professional Responsibility.

Statement of Client’s Obligations

  1. The client should treat the attorney and his office staff with courtesy and consideration.
  2. The client’s relationship with the attorney should be one of complete candor; and the attorney must be told of all facts or circumstances of the case, even if the client believes that those facts may be detrimental to his or her cause or unflattering to the client.
  3. The client should maintain contact with the attorney, and promptly notify the attorney of any change in telephone number or address.
  4. The client should respond promptly to requests by the attorney for information and cooperation.
  5. The client should freely discuss with the attorney his or her primary objectives and goals of the case, and heed the attorney’s advice and counsel in order to maximize the opportunity to achieve those objectives in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
  6. The client should understand that the attorney can advocate only legitimate objectives of the client, and that the attorney cannot advocate positions which are unprofessional, contrary to the law, or contrary to the Rules of Professional Conduct prescribed by the Florida Supreme Court.
  7. Although the client should expect that his or her correspondence, telephone calls, and other communications will be answered within a reasonable time frame, the client should recognize that the attorney has other clients equally demanding of his or her time and attention.
  8. The client must honor the fee arrangement as agreed to with the attorney, in accordance with the applicable law, and the client must promptly pay all bills for services rendered pursuant to the fee agreement.
  9. The client should understand that the attorney may be unable to accept a case if the attorney has previous professional commitments which would result in inadequate time being available for the proper representation of a new client.
  10. The client should understand that an attorney is under no obligation to accept a case if the attorney determines that the cause is without adequate merit, if a conflict of interest would exist, or if a suitable working relationship with the client would be unlikely.
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